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I Must Confess


Do you enjoy song writing which has instant appeal, yet which, on closer inspection, reveals a rich tapestry of multiple meaning to different people?

Do you appreciate an artist who is both beautiful and intelligent; who has freshness of youth, as well as depth of varied life experiences; who is riveting to watch on stage, and wonderful to listen to at home?

All this and much more is to be found in the music and person of the eminently watchable Michaela Foster Marsh. The Scots born singer song writer has been consistently creative in her urge to explore the mysteries of this life in ways that others can share.

Remarkably, she is entirely self taught.

The inspiration for many of her songs derives from sources that touch the nerve of recognition in every heart and soul which has “been there” – love, loss, longing and raw passion, tragedy and ecstasy, the highs and lows of the human condition are addressed and explored with detailed attention.

Her voice is full of expressive emotional power which she is capable of varying with great subtlety in tone and texture, and her singing enthralls and surprises time and again, as she grapples with these great themes.

What is wonderful and different about all this, is that the end results do not speak only of negativity or destruction, but are permeated with qualities such as hope, faith and joy. Yes, there is darkness, but it does not overcome the light. There is a powerful affirmation of survival and triumph over adversity which has the potential to assist others back from the brink also.

These qualities make Foster Marsh stand out from the crowd.

They pertinently gave rise to her involvement with the Monaco Film Festival Angel Awards at which she was a glamorous and able Ambassador. Subsequently, she was twice invited to perform her songs at the Cannes Film Festival, and a private lunch was held there in her honour.

Her songwriting shows an impressive variety of styles which potentially cover a wide range of musical appetites. It is eclectic and increasingly commercial.

Two albums – “Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence” and “I Undid Orion’s Belt”, are now followed by her most recent production “Seriously Red” which enticingly bounces along on tracks such as the Latin flavoured ‘Tell Me Why’; the classic ballad ‘Passing Chance’ whose sumptuous arrangements and caressing vocal will give you goose bumps; the quasi mini rock opera ‘Requiem for Betrayal in Love’ which is jam packed with surprises on every front, and the catchy, yet multi-layered ‘Time Is a Healer’.

“Seriously Red” is the result of a collaboration with composer and producer Kirill Shirokov – http://www.kironmusic.com. Kirill was an arranger and orchestrator for Michaela’s “I Undid Orion’s Belt” album and brought with him twenty years of extensive experience in classical composition and orchestration. After the success of “I Undid Orion’s Belt” Kirill invited Michaela to sing and compose lyrics for his music, and so they set about recording “Seriously Red”.

Michaela also teamed up with veteran producer and composer Rolf Soja for a couple of tracks on the album. Although Rolf has been prominent in the business for forty years producing all kinds of music, perhaps his most famous recording was ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’. Michaela and Kirill even give a nod to his disco era on the last track of “Seriously Red” ‘I Will Rely On Me’.

Although this is a more commercial sounding album compared to her other catalogue of work, “Seriously Red”” shows the increasing diversity of Foster Marsh, both as a writer and as a singer.

This artist’s music will richly reward the listener. And no one who goes to see Foster Marsh in concert could ever be disappointed.

GKM – Greg Kavanagh Music – Toronto, Canada

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